Stone Fireplace Design in Living Room Embracing Warmth in Style

Nothing beats the beautifully done stone fireplace design to provide both warmth and style in your living room. It goes without saying that the fireplace in living room is a truly interesting item to add. The presence of fireplace in living room definitely will never be ignored easily. Thus, it can be a totally stunning attention stealer, especially if you design and decorate the stone fireplace properly.

What can suits stacked stone fireplace design better than the rustic living room interior design? The natural tone and texture the stone fireplace demonstrates definitely will find its place in your rustic and traditional living room seamlessly. It is especially true if you install rustic wooden block for your fireplace mantel. The overall impression will be too outstanding to be missed! As the fire will keep you warm, the beautiful earthy inspired color the stone fireplace and wood mantel presents surely will help enhancing the warmth and mood.

Do you know that fireplace can be built as room divider too? It is definitely a great idea if you design your living room in open floor plan. This way, you can share the warmth with the rest of the room without having to compromise the overall appearance. Just take a look at this spacious living room with several seating zones assigned in every corner. The floor to ceiling stacked stone fireplace here definitely will steal the spotlight easily while ensuring that every corner in this room can celebrate the warmth the fire provides. For this long living room, the double sided stone fireplace perfectly contrasts the clean and clear details the contemporary living room interior demonstrates. Separating two rooms aside, the double sided fireplace definitely can be center of attention easily!

You have seen how amazing the stone fireplace looks in contemporary living room. What about going totally dramatic in eclectic living room interior design instead? This fabulous living room can show you how. The stacked stone is simply painted in white to blend seamlessly with the surroundings. The choice of black and shimmering golden accent and trim here beautifully surely can make the room even more fabulous while the stacked stone fireplace design ideas will steal the spotlight stylishly.

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